9 Reasons To Buy A Car Rather Than Lease

every little scratch

3) Stress out over modifications and every little scratch

The only modifications you are allowed to make on your leased car are ones that can be reversed once it’s time to give the vehicle back to the dealership. If you go crazy and install a modification that is irreversible, you’re going to surely be stuck with a large bill.

Additionally, when you lease a car, there cannot be significant damage to the vehicle. The only dents, scratches, and minor chips that can be present are ones that can be considered “normal wear and tear.” The big shinning downside to this is that the dealership gets to decide what’s “normal wear and tear.” Buying a car relieves you of these two big burdens. You can make any modifications you want and there’s no paying a ridiculous amount of money if you get a few bumps and bruises on your car.