9 Oddly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire

Having enough money to not only get by, but to live very comfortably, is a rather common goal. There are even game shows about getting big bucks quickly! But sometimes, living as we do off our normal paycheck is not enough to get us there. It can take dedication, careful planning, and determination to reach your millionaire goal. However, it is an attainable goal if you make some adjustments to your lifestyle. Start planning early, and you can take definitive steps towards having a lot of money as you reach retirement. As you decide what you can do to help yourself out, consider these 9 oddly simple ways to become a millionaire.

1) Live on Less Than You Have

A lot of times when you get a paycheck, it can be tempting to treat yourself to things you want. But if you want to accumulate a lot of money over time, living below your means is a must. It is true that part of the appeal of a high paycheck is enjoying a little luxury. But continually using all or most of your paycheck as you get it will not help you long-term. If your goal is to become a millionaire, you are better off figuring out your consumer priorities. It is certainly possible to still live comfortably under your available resources. If you plan your purchases to avoid waste, you can make the money you do spend stretch. So, pay attention to coupons and be willing to not buy designer brands—it will pay off later.


2) Have Multiple Sources of Income

Even if you have a pretty nice salary, there is a limit to how much you can make with just one paycheck. If possible, it is advantageous to have multiple sources of income. According to, author Thomas Corely’s research revealed the majority of millionaires have at least 3 such sources. Perhaps obviously, having multiple sources of income means more income. However, you can also use those divisions to plan out your spending. For instance, the money from your different sources can be allocated towards different things. There are several ways to increase your number of streams of income. For example, you can get a second job or make safe investments. With the use of technology today, you can even try hosting an online business or shop. And sometimes you can make money off hobbies, such as blogging.


3) Develop a Financial Plan

Developing a strong financial plan may seem like an obvious first step. But losing sight of a vague plan can be easier than you think. This is especially the case when you come into either difficult or extremely fortunate times. Either can lead to loss of discretion in terms of struggling to get by or struggling to hold back. However, writing out your plan will help you keep it in mind. It is important to develop a plan that is realistic and followable. It must allow you to spend what you need to live comfortably without overindulging. Otherwise, you may end up breaking it and becoming discouraged. If you are unsure of how to proceed, there are resources available that you can seek out for help. The more you follow your plan, the more confident and ready you will be to become a millionaire!


4) Seek Out Professional Financial Advice

As with many things in life, seeking out help when you don’t know what to do is important. It can be difficult when you are confused but wallowing rather than acting to fix things won’t work out. As such, do not be afraid to look for professional resources. There are people who have firsthand experience with earning big. They may be able to offer advice. And if you do not know very wealthy individuals, people working in the financial field are a great resource. People who are familiar with the economy can help you figure out the best jobs and investments. Additionally, they may be able to look at your income and spending and offer personalized advice. You will be glad you asked for some help when you see how much you have saved!


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