9 Moments When It Pays to Be Cheap!

By Amanda Morgan

Is the most expensive item always the best item? Most people tend to associate a higher price with a better quality. However, the price does not always indicate that you are getting the best in quality. Often people are under the misconception that in order to treat themselves or their friends they need to spend a large sum of money. From buying a gifts for friends to going shopping for yourself, it is important to be cognizant of the price and save money. Read on to find out when it pays to save some money and be a little cheap.

1) Ordering Wine

Whether you are sharing a bottle with the family or drinking a well-deserved glass for yourself, it is important to consider the damage you are causing to your wallet. Some of the best wines may be the ones that are the least expensive. Experts now recommend ordering the cheapest wine when you dine out as fancy restaurants tend to mark up the actual price of the wine. Most people agree that the lower priced wines taste just as good as the very expensive ones. When going shopping for wine, look for whites and rosés as they tend to be inexpensive and taste fantastic when drank fresh. Newer vintages will be much more affordable than a bottle of wine that has been aged for years. Consider one of these wines not only will your taste buds be impressed, but your wallet will too.