10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Pennsylvania


How different would your life be if you could afford a million-dollar home? Wealthy neighborhoods with expensive homes, luxurious towns, and rich history can be found in every state across America. Pennsylvania has many wealthy neighborhoods within its borders. The top ten neighborhoods, according to the US Census Bureau, are all unique and characterize how the affluent in this state live. You may be surprised to find out what your money can buy. Check out our list to see what life is like in the top ten wealthiest neighborhoods in Pennsylvania.

1) Norwin

First on the list is Norwin with the highest per capita income of $124,279. Norwin is a very small town and contains only 7 homes. It is mostly known for its superb school district. Many people move specifically into this area for the school. This school district also takes students from the two surrounding areas: Irwin and North Huntingdon. Since these towns are so close to Norwin, most people travel frequently to them to get food, supplies, and clothing. Norwin has a down to earth feel with a public library, drug stores, and fast food restaurants. It is also filled with unique attractions such as the Big Mac Museum, making the people of Norwin experts on the Big Mac at McDonalds.


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