10 Ways People Waste Money On Their Cars Every Day

car_gas_pump_730x350It’s easy to throw money down the drain when it comes to your car. Most people engage in a few habits with their cars that are a huge waste of money and in most cases, they do so without even realizing it. Luckily, if these habits are identified and changed, there are huge savings to be had.

1) Buying premium gas

A car is an investment and you want to take care good care of it. That doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out more money for premium gas. This is because most of the cars on the market currently will run just fine on regular gas, with luxury and high performance vehicles being the exception. There is no reason to be pumping additional money into your car’s gas tank. A recent study conducted by AAA found that higher octane gas doesn’t provide your vehicle with any particular benefit. Director Greg Brannon stated premium gas “provides no increase in fuel economy, horsepower or a reduction in emissions.” Unless indicated by your cars manufacturer, generally speaking, it’s best to stick with regular.


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