9 Ways to Downsize When You Retire

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7) Re-Evaluate TV & Phones

You may not realize how much you’re spending on entertainment and communication. We tend to take things like cable TV and telephones for granted. But, do you watch all those premium movie channels? Research alternate cable packages for one that better suits your preferences. Still have a landline in your house? The entire world operates with cell phones. If you have a cell phone, a landline is a redundant expense you can do without. Speaking of the cell phone, how often do you use it? If the answer is “not much” then it’s time to re-evaluate your phone package and see where you can cut back. Prefer talking to texting? Downsize the text message allowance. If you rarely access the internet via your phone, cutback in this area too. Many phone companies have great pay-per-usage deals, or cheap monthly plans without the frills, and there are some that cater to seniors specifically.[adrotate group=”3″]

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